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To the step one January plus the sextons, superintendents out-of works, the new boys’ directors, although some have been decided on

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Sort of regulators

Neighborhood administration of your own Reductions try setup with respect to the provisions of your own lex indica, following Language trend, and is consisting of the fresh new corregidor or burgomaster (about Guarani vocabulary poro puaitara, i.elizabeth. one who gives commands); this new teniente, or deputy; three alcaldes, i.age. bailiffs otherwise inspectors, a few towards the work with the metropolis and one (alcalde de los angeles hermandad) with the work with the rural areas; five regidores or councilmen (Guarani icabildo iguata, i.e. you to from the council); that alguazil gran, a sort of prefect off cops (Guarani ibirararuzu, i.e. «the chief of them exactly who hold the fresh adhere»); you to definitely procurador or steward, plus one escribano or blogger (Guarani quatiaapobara, i.e. «one who pulls otherwise produces»). Besides these there were new alferez actual otherwise standard-bearer (Guarani, aobebe rerequara, we.age. «he so you can just who the proper care of brand new banner is trusted,» and a number of subaltern authorities and you can personnel. The newest annual election oc...

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