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It is without a doubt a problem to own Europe

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Through the that it progressing procedure of metamorphosis, political and you may economic alter end in antagonist cultural conceptions within European countries

We can not hence talk about an effective Eu people influencing national cultures. However, we could claim that brand new solitary investment are still discussed from the multiplicity of Western european town: the brand new European countries out-of societies.

Splits regarding social connections within our communities, the increased loss of reference when you look at the point of memories and opinions, the brand new says having regional, regional, or cultural title, although legitimate, will get concern national countries (Rigaud, 1999: ). All countries in europe deal with these problems, even in the event for every single interprets and you will tries to resolve them depending on its own awareness, records, and governmental society. There is no doubt the Eu has experienced once brand new Maastricht Pact certain competence regarding the cultural industry nevertheless has only become subsidiary in order to resume the brand new terms of the fresh new Treaty. To put it differently, the european union hasn’t attained a bona fide validity. Nevertheless, such as questions seem limited by click for more info the fresh regions of your Eu, due to the fact Commitment itself doesn’t are a symbol of a cultural facts.

With the a cultural height, we can ponder what European countries was versus Switzerland or any other Main and you may East European countries of which Milan Kundera try best to declare that they are culturally regarding the west, for instance the nations from Slavic provider (Rigaud, 1999: ). Including, ...

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