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How can I use Tinder without anyone knowing?

16.11.2022 Black Hookup Apps review  No comments

When you have the app visible to only you, that means if Facebook ever reintroduces that feature, your privacy settings prevent you from becoming exposed. Even though it helps sometimes to have your accounts log into your Facebook, it can be a deal-breaker for you.

Make sure that you do not “like” the app on Facebook either. While you may “like” the page it does not mean that you are cheating necessarily, it can raise suspicions with anyone who is being nosey.

13. Develop an Online Persona

It is almost impossible to remain completely anonymous online. Some clues can be found out and people can figure out who you are. It helps a bit if you are in a larger city, have a small friend circle, not easily recognizable, or just a different city in general.

Nowadays, the internet allows people to be many things and another person entirely apps to hookup with black girls is one of them. A way that you can avoid being caught by your significant other is by creating an account under a new name, use pictures that do not give you away and have fake/made-up information on your profile.

14. Request Privacy

You may be in a situation where your significant other is not totally technology literate and both of you do not mix with each other’s social circles. This can come in handy when you are meeting up with your matches. You probably feel less inclined to hide yourself, who you are, your location, and that you are in a committed relationship.

Honesty is usually the best policy and you can be upfront that you are in a relationship. Some people go for this and may like it. You need to request upfront that your privacy is kept and there is no chance that they will make it known that you are stepping out.

Some may not realize that you need to remain discreet when on the application and are subject to post pictures of dates or their locations and tag you in them. This is another reason using Tinder without a Facebook account or a fake account would be best. You do not need someone retaliating or blackmailing you.


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