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We are able to head to several other calculator to obtain the joules stored regarding driveshaft!

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As soon as we know the joules, we know this new hp-mere seconds sapped away from moving the vehicle. Imagine if the latest system peaks from the 6000 RPM at the bottom of the step one/cuatro distance, hence took 13 seconds.

The original driveshaft considered 31 pounds and we must spin it to 6000 RPM. Whenever we type in one, we see it ate (and you will stored) 5310 joules. 480 oz inside a beneficial 3.5 inches diameter Band (empty heart) and you can 6000 RPM.

That’s = seven.twelve horsepower-mere seconds to help you twist the new shaft so you can 6000. As time is actually thirteen seconds, the latest axle soaked up 0.548 horsepower delivered more than you to 13 moments.

Now we change to the brand new aluminium axle. Everything is a comparable except the extra weight, these days it is 15 pounds otherwise 240 ounces. Using that flywheel calculator we find we used 2655 joules. This will be = 3.56 horsepower-moments. More ...

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