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Telling the whole stories of Defectors From North Korea

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Introduction by Alexandra Genova

The life span of the North Korean defector is savagely carved into two components: before and after. People who escape trade their country’s near-total isolation for the headiness of freedom. But in the method, their history is erased.

It had been this disordered transition that Tim Franco, a professional photographer whom splits his time passed between Southern Korea and Asia, made a decision to explore in a brand new portrait series called “Unperson.” A riff on A orwellian construct from the novel “1984,” their work examines the “vaporization” for the defectors’ past, that has kept numerous in limbo, free but incomplete. “North Korea is the house, they left individuals behind,” Mr. Franco stated. “Even they won’t ever be totally pleased in South Korea. when they reside in a contemporary country,”

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