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Summary/conclusion that has worked so hard to help make this meeting possible

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let us arrive eventually with the question of pensions.

In quick

In brief then, do you really two desire to join myself?


In closing , I would ike to suggest some practical applications.

Simply speaking

Simply speaking , the document says more income needs to be used on training.


Overall, imports be the cause of half our very own inventory.


Therefore if a lady performed set the home, she was only likely to concern herself with things relating to residential lifestyle.


The importance of training, then , is infinitely more than in previous generations.

In conclusion

To close out , I want to say thank you to everyone who may have worked so hard to help make this conference feasible.

In conclusion

In conclusion , we cannot expect greater profits unless we recognize our very own requires obviously.

10. Explanation/equivalence

Simply put

Simply put , even though the act of donating blood would enhance the chances of the donor dying, this build ended up being little weighed against the rise inside person’s likelihood of enduring.


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